pictures_01 (481)I am a 53-year-old married man, living in the northern suburbs of Toronto, Canada.

I would describe my personality as being androgynous and I am egalitarian. If I could describe myself in one word…real.

I stated this blog thirteen years ago as an offshoot of my online dating experiences.  I was a relatively shy individual and found the ability to communicate with others via the written word to be a blessing.

I have since changed (grown) for the better and am much more sure of myself in “real” life but still enjoy practicing turning my thoughts into words.  A lot of what is contained within these pages reflects what my “inside” voice was saying about any given subject.  I would not necessarily say many of these things aloud and putting these thoughts into writing allows my true thoughts to be shared.

Someone once told me that I write what most people think but won’t say…

This blog is an eclectic mix of my experiences and observations including rants, raves, humor and musings about men, women, relationships, love and life in general.